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Skipper’s Checkmate (Opinion)

Interesting times ahead as our Chairman, the Skipper, steps into the public to expose the “three stooges.” It all came to the surface when the opposition decided to move for the “No-Confidence Motion” against him just around 1.5 years short of the completion of his first term in office.

The Skipper has marked his run-up and every ball he has thrown, in the past two weeks, appears to be a Yorker or at the least a bouncer and now, as it clearly looks like, he got his hands on a new ball.

Whenever Skipper gets on the stage with the mic, he is confidently standing there with a powerful smile. His body language exclaims of a fearless tiger who has been cornered. But where is this confidence coming from?

Till this day, there have been no allegations of corruption against the Skipper even from his worst political enemies. His team could be blamed but not him and he stands tall like the mighty majestic Nanga Parbat in the Hindukush mountain range. He is the lone warrior with no baggage and the public is still pouring in at his jalsas wherever he is going. The political elevation is unmatchable compared to any other time before.

Skipper’s mind was clearly working at the pace of Usain Bolt when the opposition moved for the No-Confidence Motion. However, little did everyone realise that they have been checkmated in just a short time of one week. While the army chief General Bajwa’s extension is a question, Skipper landed in Beijing to watch the Winter Olympics. His next stop was Moscow and the timing of this trip shook the power corridors in many countries including our neighbours.

From “absolutely not” to the visit to Moscow, the shackles were clearly breaking for the first time and it is strongly being felt by the masses. This brought back flashes to the time of anti-Drone and NATO container blockages, dharnas and the rallies. Skipper stood by his words. While the ‘Western’ goons were in panic, the nation was finally gaining back its long lost self esteem.

Shahbaz Sharif and Hamza Shahbaz have an increased likelihood of conviction after Shahbaz Shareef failed to give a proper defence and the panic was clearly seen in the recent there press conference.

All of a sudden, Zardari was back on mainstream media leading PMLN and JUI-F, maybe he had sensed that after Shahbaz Sharif his cases will be reactivated by the Government while Mullana Fazl ur Rehman by his side and finally, the destroyed PDM was there without Maryam Nawaz in the frame. The Opposition had once again united and expected the whole time that Skipper would succumb to their pressure, which was shocking especially since by now, everyone knows you can not win the game of nerves with the Skipper of Pakistan.

Just last week the Skipper told the European Union to mind their own business and the opposition couldn’t resist and exposed themselves by condemning him. Clearly the rising political position of Pakistan and the distancing from the western block, is causing great anxiety in the corridors of different cities within Pakistan. This seed was sowed in the first Speech in the UN General assembly and what was said then can be seen now.

Skipper has fulfilled another promise!

In other news, everyone is calling the opposition’s move a western conspiracy because of the timing of their unity. The destroyed PDM seems to be the mouthpiece of someone else. However, even with the support of strong forces with “deep pockets” they are clearly unable to do much. While Zardari can’t afford early elections, Nawaz Sharif wants early elections. Shahbaz Sharif wants to experience the warmth of Prime Minister House since he knows it’s his last chance. Mulana is unable to digest how a cricketer turned politician destroyed his politics in KP.

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed (left), PM Imran Khan (right).

The Opposition has no plan even if the No-Confidence move is successful. Meanwhile, there is a bigger question and interestingly it is not about the extension of General Bajwa but more about the future of the General in Peshawar whom the US establishment despises. Who will be the Cesaer of Pindi and who will be the Brutus, that only time will tell but one thing is clear, all cards are exposed.

In Sindh, PTI and the allies need to steal only 20 more seats from PPP to form the government in the next elections. Only Zardari knows this and only he can foresee the wrath of the Skipper once he enters the interior Sindh as the opposition force. Let’s assume for a minute that Shahbaz Sharif is the next PM and Skipper is the opposition leader. I agree with my father Hafeezullah Niazi on this point, the Skipper shall be considered resurrected.

In the end, only one thing will be remembered, the Skipper was taken down because he said: “Absolutely Not.” This episode will be remembered for ages, it was Skipper vs The Rest.

Clearly, it’s a Checkmate!

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