Sindh’s multi billionaire parliamentarians hail from the poorest areas

KARACHI: TPD Investigations Desk has learnt that Sindh’s richest parliamentarians hail from the poorest areas in a shocking discovery.

MPA from PS 34, Nausharo Feroze, 82 year old Syed Murad Shah owns a whopping 27 properties alongside 31 ancestral plots. The insanely wealthy MPA has properties in the prestigious clifton and DHA Karachi alongside a posh apartment in Hyderabad.

Richie Rich MPA Murad Shah

Shah also owns cinema houses, markets, ice factories, a cotton mill and a petrol. Surprisingly, all these are valued at a mind boggling 13.88 million.

Another richie rich Sindh MPA is Sharjeel Memon who lives a lavish, kingly lifestyle who owns mega properties in Dubai with his wife which have been declared at 17 crore rupees. Sharjeel Memon is so rich that he has over 9 crores cash in hand.

Sharjeel Memon’s son Rawal chilling in his posh mansion

Memon owns multiple luxury cars has 2 posh houses in DHA Karachi alongside agricultural land in Tharparkar.

Rawal Memon driving Bentley car worth many crores.

Memon, who is considered to have off shored a lot of money has declared his business in the UAE.

Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, who has been elected as an MPA from Jamshoro, owns one luxurious house with all facilities including a luxury jacuzzi in DHA, Karachi.

CM Sindh has almost 4.5 crores in his bank accounts, reflecting that liquidity is not a problem for the Stanford Graduate.

Humongous protocol of CM Sindh

His daughter owns two plots which are valued in the crores. Murad Ali Shah also has more than 51 acres of agricultural land in Sehwan which was a gift from his father.

He owns two luxury vehicles valued at Rs14.2m, while the family has 100 tola gold and Rs3m worth of household items. He owns no weapons or other expensive assets.

TPD Investigations Desk has further learnt that Asif Zardari’s sister, Faryal Talpur has guns worth almost 1.5 million and her declared net worth is 40 crores.

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