Sindh Police conducts 3 raids to arrest Rafiq Bhojani in fraud case

KARACHI: The Sindh police has conducted raids at three separate locations in Karachi to arrest Muhammad Rafiq Bhojani, his son Zain Abbas Bhojani, Anis Abbas and nephew Muzammil Bhojani on the complaint of Pak China Fertilizers Limited for fraud and theft.

The raids were carried out at Bhojani’s house located in Sunset Defence, Karachi, and at an office location. No one was arrested and the police confirmed it continues to look for the accused nominated in the FIR.

Bhojani House

The Investigating Officer Mr Murtuza said: “Police are actively seeking the four culprits and three raids were carried out by police squads yesterday. While raiding Bhojani’s house in Sunset Defence, only drivers and his nephew were found. The driver and house staff mentioned Bhojani and his family have fled Karachi to Islamabad to avoid arrest. We will actively continue to seek Bhojani to bring him to justice.”

The Arambagh Police Station, Saddar Karachi has registered an FIR for theft of company documents for Pak China Fertilizers Limited against Muhammad Rafiq Bhojani, his son Zain Abbas Bhojani, Anis Abbas and nephew Muzammil Bhojani.

The case has been registered at the Arambagh Police Station in Saddar Karachi under Section 420 and 408 Code of Criminal Procedure. The case has been registered after a complaint was filed by Sheikh Anas who was Secretary of Pak China Fertilizers Limited on 05.05.2021 against Rafiq Bhojani and three others regarding the theft of company documents of M/s Pak China Fertilizers in a fraudulent manner.

The enquiry by the Secretary of the company started after receiving an alarming letter from shareholder of Pak China Fertilizer, National Fertilizer Corporation of Government of Pakistan, who hold 1,880,000 shares of Pak China Fertilizers Limited. In the letter addressed to the Company Secretary, NFC requested Company Secretary to reply and check on discrepancies in annual returns of company filing.

After thorough investigation, the Company Secretary learned the company documents were all stolen, forged, and criminal activities were conducted by Rafiq Bhojani, his son Zain Abbas Bhojani, Anis Annas and nephew Muzammil Bhojani. The four members of this fraud are wanted by Police authorities who are in the process of locating and arresting them.

On the 25th of March 2021, Deputy Commissioner Haripur imposed a ban on any illegal sale, purchase, shifting of immovable or movable assets, and scrap and tree sales from Pak China Fertilizers. Additionally, on 9th of April 2021, a letter was written by Deputy Commissioner Haripur to Privatization Commission to file further contempt of court case against Rafiq Bhojani for his illegal activities.

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