Sindh CM threatens to ‘reject’ digital census results

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Sunday said that if PPP objections on the digital census would not be addressed then it would be difficult to support the results.

While addressing a ceremony in Karachi, Murad Ali Shah said that the census is more important and necessary than the elections.

Murad said he wrote a letter to Ahsan Iqbal on the Sindh government’s objections.

“I want a census where no one objects. My view is that that the 2017 census-like episode should not be repeated so no one has reservations,” he added.

Sindh chief minister said that if Sindh objections to the census are not valid then provincial government would not support it.

He threatened,“ Do not create such a situation that the census (results) would not be accepted.“

Murad Ali Shah said that the census tablets showed map errors, and he was informed that some of the errors would be corrected later.

Sindh CM said that country is going through severe financial crisis and assemblies were dissolved on the request of one person.

He said National Assembly (NA) elections will be held in October.

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