Sialkot incident: Audit of factories cancelled by foreign companies

After the death of Sri Lankan citizen Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana, the victim of a lynch mob in Sialkot, the arrival of foreign audit teams visiting international standard factories in the industrial city has started to be postponed.

According to the Urdu News report, Ali Anwar, chief executive officer of Nizam Sons Private Limited Garments Company, said: An audit team of our company was to come from Sri Lanka. He has apologized for coming on Monday. 

Ali Anwar went on to say, “Not only that, but one of our employees had to arrive from Jordan on Tuesday. They are working to international standards, so their audits are done by international organizations.”

Salman Mir, head of the research and development department at the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, believes this is a temporary situation.

“As big an event as this city has been and as the industry here has a direct bearing on the world markets, this is a normal process. I am not saying that this incident will not affect the industry. It will have far-reaching consequences, of course, but what is happening now is part-time,” he said.

“Some people’s orders may be late and there will be an audit, so far we have not received any complaint that the orders have been canceled because it is not so easy,” he said. Many big brands have their shares in these factories and companies and the business is affected to some extent by emotional factors. There is no other opinion in this either.

Another businessman Mohammad Farooq (pseudonym) also told Urdu News that this week his two teams had to come from abroad who were not only coming to audit but also from the brand of goods they are producing. This included preparing the order on time.

“We have just been told that the teams are not coming. This is a situation where there is nothing we can do. “We hope the situation is temporary and will return to normal.”  

There are two types of audits for companies that make international quality products.

According to Ali Anwar, “An audit is done by anyone who places an international brand order. The facilities provided to the factory workers in accordance with the laws of their country, the principles of health, gender discrimination and hygiene as well as raw It also ensures quality testing of goods.

That is, if child labour is prohibited in a country and its brand is producing a product from another country, then it is accountable to its government that there was no child labour in the factory of the country from which the product was manufactured. Other rules also fall into the category of audits that are in line with the laws of this country.  

According to Ali Anwar, “We need another type of audit because we also have to comply with international standards, so we also conduct audits with independent companies and use these audit reports in new business partnerships and agreements. The big brands trust us, so these audits go on, sometimes in the need of the brand, sometimes ours, and the business process is not complete until these audits are completed.  

According to the Sialkot Chamber of Commerce, Sialkot’s industry accounts for 2.2 billion in national exports, while it has world-class factories for sports goods, garments, pink salt, leather and surgical instruments, which are among the largest in the world. Brands produce goods. 

The 48-year-old was tortured, beaten and kicked to death by an angry mob in Sialkot, Punjab, egged on by hundreds.

Among the attackers were workers at the factory where Diyawadana had been employed for years as a manager.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered an investigation into the incident and promised swift justice, and already over 120 suspects have been arrested including a man named Imtiaz alias Bill who Punjab police said was the “most wanted accused” in the case.

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