Imran Khan’s hair transplant results in fight on live tv

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Shibli Faraz lost his composure and threatened senior Pakistan People’s Party leader, Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar after Khokhar mentioned that Imran Khan has had hair transplants.

“Dr Humayun, whom you mentioned in your report, one of the reasons for his popularity is that he did Imran Khan’s hair transplant,” Khokhar had said.

This resulted in a volcanic eruption of anger from Shibli Faraz who is usually calm and composed. When asked whether it was true, Shibli Faraz shouted that “it’s not true and I don’t think one should bring in personal things.”

“Don’t scream at me Shibli bhai (brother)”, Senator Mustafa Khokhar calmly requested but Shibli Faraz’s angry episode was just beginning.

Shibli Faraz openly threatened Mustafa Khokhar and said: “I won’t spare you”, such words which stunned millions of viewers watching the information minister publicly threaten a senator.

Mustafa Khokhar challenged Shibli Faraz to do whatever he could, reiterating that he respected Faraz as an elder brother and was surprised to see such threatening and callous behaviour on the part of a senior cabinet member.

Previously, a controversy was made when several PTI ministers made distasteful and abusive remarks towards Mohtarma Maryam Nawaz Sharif but the PML-N did not respond in threatening behaviour manifested by Shibli Faraz.

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