Shazia Marri thanks WB for its support during catastrophic floods

Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Security Shazia Marri has conveyed gratitude on behalf of the Government of Pakistan for the prompt response and tremendous support extended by the World Bank during the catastrophic floods.

Talking to Global Director for Social Protection and Jobs at World Bank, Michal Rutkowski, in Washington today, she said the Bank’s technical assistance would go a long way in maximizing the outreach and success of social protection programs in Pakistan.

Shazia Marri says BISP was launched in 2010, and since then it had become a resounding success in ameliorating the fate of the poorest families in Pakistan.

She underscored that the scope and magnitude of the adaptive social protection strategies would be further enhanced in Pakistan and top priority would be accorded to education, healthcare and nutrition.

On the occasion, the Director appreciated the important role played by BISP and other institutions in the Government of Pakistan’s swift, adaptive and resilient response during the devastating and unprecedented floods last year.

He praised the BISP as a successful model and said it could be implemented by other countries in the region and beyond.

Michal Rutkowski also assured the Federal Minister that the World Bank would broaden its engagements and augment its assistance to Pakistan to foster better outcomes and enhance the productivity of Pakistan’s social protection strategies through skill enhancement trainings and other means.

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