Shahbaz Gill appears fully healthy in leaked videos from hospital

ISLAMABAD: PTI Leader Shahbaz Gill appeared fully healthy in leaked videos from the hospital.

According to the details, Gill could be seen standing on his feet, completely fit and without an oxygen mask.

Last day, PTI Leader Shahbaz was taken out of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) accompanied by a heavy police contingent for a hearing of a sedition case filed against him.

He came out in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask put on from the rear gate of the health facility. Gill was coughing in the ambulance and apparently was having breathing issues.

A doctor was also present all the time to monitor Gill’s health. Ahead of the start of formal proceedings, Gill’s counsel Faisal Chaudhry went to inquire after him as well.

When asked, the lawyer remarked, “how can he go to the second floor in this condition?”

When Gill was coming out of the ambulance, he was seen crying and saying that he is unable to breathe. During the hearing, Gill appealed to the court for his mask to be given back.

“For God’s sake, give me back my mask,” he said.

At this, the judge asked him if he intends to stay, to which Gill said he will if his mask is provided to him.

Later, an oxygen cylinder was also brought to the court.

Meanwhile, police of the federal capital on Saturday rubbished the reports of torture on Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill, terming as  false .

In a statement issued by the Islamabad Police on the social networking site Twitter, it has been stated that the reports of violence against PTI leader Shahbaz Gill are completely rejected. Islamabad Police has said that on the order of the court, the work on the preliminary report regarding the violence has started and the statements are being evaluated.

The statement said the police work to restore law and order, adding that the action will be taken against those defaming the police as an institution.

Urging the people to not take part of any false campaign without verification, the police further said that if anyone has any evidence, they can provide it to the Islamabad police.

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