Shahana Hanif, first Bangladeshi Muslim Woman, elected to NYC Council

Shahana Hanif, a former City Council employee, has won her election in a Brooklyn district yesterday.

According to the details, she was elected in Brooklyn’s District 39 that encompasses Park Slope, Kensington and parts of central Brooklyn.

She is the first person of South Asian descent as well as the first Muslim woman to be elected to the City Council, despite New York being home to 769,000 Muslims.

“New York City draws a diverse population from all over the world. And yet, the City Council has never had a person of South Asian descent — or a Muslim woman — among its membership,” said the New York Times.

Shahana Hanif said in a Twitter post, “I’m humbled to be the first Muslim woman elected to the New York City Council and the first woman to represent my district.”

“We are building an anti-racist, feminist city. We deserve a city that guarantees equitable education, invests in climate solutions, and makes our immigrant neighbours feel heard and safe. I’m ready to move our city forward in service of our progressive vision every day,” added the tweet.

Shekar Krishnan, also from South Asian descent, has won a seat representing Jackson Heights and Elmhurst in Queens.

In the elections, Shahana has won 90% of the votes with 88% of the precincts reporting by 10:40 pm on 2 November, according to the Times.

Whereas, her opponent, Brett E. Wynkoop, won 7% of the votes and Matthew Morgan held just under 3%, according to the Board of Elections results.

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