Shah Mahmood Qureshi asks SSP Thar to mend his ways & act like a responsible police officer

MITHI: The Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi speaking to the participants of the ongoing protest demonstration against the barbaric killing of one dodo Bheel asked the high-ups of the Sindh government to stop treating the people of Sindh as their slaves and bridle the executives of the officials of the mining firms engaged in coal extraction and power generation in different blocks of Thar Coalfields.

Mr Qureshi made the telephonic speech to the participants of the 16-hour long ongoing protest demonstration and demanded the early arrest of all those involved in the gruesome act of murder after registering the FIR as per the wishes of the heirs and relatives of the victims.

FM in his telephonic speech said that SSP Tharparkar, Hassan Sardar Niazi had already messed up things by letting the reign of terror on the supporters of PTI and Ghousia Jamaat and he warned him to deal with the murder case of Mr Bheel as a responsible police officer instead of acting as the estate manager of PPP leaders and officials of the mining firms. “I warn Mr Niazi to act as a public servant and stop doing brutalities on the political rivals of PPP leaders and order the early arrest of the persons involved in the murder of Dodo Bheel” he added and warned that he had shocked to learn the death of the poor worker and thecontunuted misconduct of SSP Tharparkar. Mr Qurashi asked Mr Niazi to voluntarily get himself transferred from Tharparkar or act as a good and partial police official and proceed ahead with the legal formalities to do justice with the aggrieved family of the victim.

“I want to make it clear here that the PTI leadership will never allow PPP rulers to commit atrocities. The former MPA and PTI leader Arbab Zulfikar also expressed his anger and indignation over the attitude of SSP That and alleged that on one hand officials of the mining firms committed the gravest crime while on other hand SSP Thar instead of assuring of the justice was hurling threats at the peaceful people of Thar, who were protesting the by taking the body of the torture victim.

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