Shafqat Mahmood expresses happiness over HEC decision in student’s favour

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood expressed his happiness over the Higher Education Commission’s decision to allow universities to conduct online exams.

Taking to social networking site, Twitter, Shafqat Mehmood wrote that he is “happy to note that HEC has formally allowed the universities to conduct online exams with adequate safeguards.”

Sharing a picture of the HEC notification, Mahmood said that the decision would “pave the way for [universities] to devise the right procedures to quickly” hold online exams, adding that “education standards must be kept up.”

The minister also suggested that students must “work hard,” and wished them good luck for the exams.

Earlier on Wednesday, the HEC had said that it is “up to the universities to decide whether they wanted to conduct in-person or online exams,” days after protests caught pace against on-campus examinations. The HEC said that it has taken notice of students’ concerns regarding the in-person examination.

“The apprehensions of students were reviewed carefully in consultation with the vice-chancellors of all the provinces and regions, keeping in view the difficulties brought about by the pandemic and opening of universities from February 01, 2021,” HEC said.

Abdullah Zahid

Abdullah Zahid is TPD's correspondent in Karachi. He reports on Pakistani political affairs.

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