Serena Isa challenges PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Serena Isa, wife of Supreme Court (SC) judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa, has asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop what she called taking covert actions against her and challenged him to have a live debate with her on television.

“Please stop taking action in my case behind my back,” she wrote in yet another letter written to PM Imran.

“Only those who want to destroy this country can label Qazi Faez Isa a ‘traitor’,” she wrote.

Ms Isa asked the prime minister to tell her the purpose of sending her eight notices when what was filed (or was to be filed) was kept secret from her.

She said an order was passed against her (without issuing her notice or hearing her), she sought its review and without a lawyer filed a review application within the prescribed 30 days.

“However, I have learnt from the press that the registrar (a government servant on deputation) extended the 30-days’ prescribed time limit for filing,” she said, adding that the extension of time was “fully understandable because Farogh Naseem was a very busy man, part-time lawyer, part-time law minister and full-time flatterer of the Nelson Mandela fame”.

“Mr Prime Minister I will disclose all details live on television, and I expect you to do the same. Mr Prime Minister, I am waiting anxiously for your reply,” Serena concluded.

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