SC rejects petition of Steel Mills employee’s seeking promotion

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) has rejected a petition seeking the promotion of Pakistan Steel Mills employees.

In the hearing on Friday, the Steel Mills employees said they deserve promotions since 2011 but the Sindh High Court rejected their plea.

They requested the top court to overturn the Sindh High Court ruling and order their promotion.

Meanwhile, Justice Aijaz ul Ahsan inquired why they should be promoted as the foundry has been closed since 2015.

“You people are receiving salaries sitting back at home,” he remarked. “There are not enough funds to run the mills. It appears you are working elsewhere.”

The counsel of the employees said the mill was closed but they had been providing their services.

At this, the judge asked them which services they were providing when the foundry was closed.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed ruled that there was no flaw in the Sindh High Court verdict.

The court rejected the petition.

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