#SaveAneeqa trends as Pakistanis raise voice for blasphemy law victim

RAWALPINDI: Twitterati rally behind Aneeqa Ateeq after she was sentenced to death for blasphemous messages on Whatsapp by a Rawalpindi court last Wednesday.

The 26 year old accused was found guilty after her accuser, a man who met her on an online gaming platform, reported her for sending blasphemous texts.

Ateeq was accused of sending blasphemous caricatures of holy prophets, commenting on “holy personages” on Whatsapp, and using her Facebook account to post blasphemous material.

“The blasphemous material which was shared/installed by the female accused on her status [on WhatsApp messaging platform] and the messages as well as caricatures which were sent to the complainant are totally unbearable and not tolerable for a Muslim,” Judge Adnan Mushtaq wrote in his verdict in the case.
Ateeq had pleaded not guilty to the charges first filed in May 2020.

She testified in that her accuser, Hasnat Farooq, had intentionally lured her into a religious argument to frame her after she rejected “to be friendly” with him.

“So I feel that he intentionally dragged into this topic for revenge, that’s why he got registered [sic] a case against me and during [WhatsApp] chat he collected everything that went against me,” she said in an evidentiary statement.
Recently, a Sri Lankan textile factory manager was lynched by a mob and his corpse burned by a mob accusing him of blasphemy.

Waeed Khan

Waeed Khan is a Lahore based reporter for The Pakistan Daily.

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