Saad Rizvi in Islamabad to negotiate with PTI govt: TLP Spokesman

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: Hafiz Saad Rizvi is in Islamabad to lead negotiations with the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI) government after TLP was declared a militant organisation according to TLP spokesman Saddam Bukhari.

Another credible source privy to this development stated that Saad Rizvi was moved from Kot Lakhpat Jail to an unknown location late Wednesday evening. Later on, it emerged that Saad Rizvi would directly negotiate with the federal government.

Earlier, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry had said that the government would now consider TLP a militant organisation after reports that TLP protestors had opened fire on Punjab Police.

Eye witness accounts and video evidence suggests that TLP protestors behaved in an extremely violent and obnoxious manner with the Punjab Police, resulting in 4 deaths of policemen in Punjab.

TLP protestors also took over police vehicles creating a situation of anarchy.

Mufti Ameer ul Zehri and Allama Ghulam Abbas Faizi are also a part of TLP’s negotiating team according to sources privy to this development.

It is unclear whether the negotiations will succeed since the TLP has demanded the release of Hafiz Saad Rizvi from prison as well as the expulsion of the French Ambassador from Pakistan.

So far, the federal and Punjab governments have not capitulated to TLP’s demands.

The location for the negotiations has been kept secret, a source told The Pakistan Daily on the condition of anonymity.

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