RWMC & Albayrak conduct COVID-19 awareness camp beside Rawal Park

RAWALPINDI: On the directives of Managing Director Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC), Awais Manzoor Tarrar, the communications teams of RWMC & Albayrak hosted a COVID-19 awareness camp beside Rawal Park, Rawalpindi.

Following the SOP’s regarding COVID-19, social distance was maintained between the visitors of camp. The team marked the circles outside the camp for it. The visitors of the camp were ensured to follow the SOP’s which are: to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds, keep distance, wear a mask, avoid gatherings, cover nose and face if there is flu or cough.

Source: RWMC

As winter seasons arrives, pollution of vehicles, burning waste mix with fog that causes smog which is vulnerable for health. They were requested to inform the general public that not to burn the waste, dump it in the waste containers or hand it over to the waste specialist of the companies. The teams also conducted waste picking activity at Rawal Park.

The picked the waste and dumped it into the wheelie bin. This activity was done to encourage and urge the general public to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings.

The helpline number 1139 was also highlighted so that, if people are having any queries regarding sanitation and cleanliness in their area, they can register complaints on it or give their suggestions.

RWMC & Albayrak in Rawalpindi and Murree is busy in maintaining its beauty by clearing waste. Manual sweeping in streets and markets, mechanical sweeping on roadsides, mechanical washing of footpaths, container lifting, door to door waste collection, a distillation of open drains, liming of streets near Jamia Mosques and washing of Jamia Mosques before Jumma/ Eidain prayer is operated by the company.

With these operational tasks, the department of communications and public relations of the companies is also playing its part by disseminating awareness regarding hygiene and sanitation.

The department carries out various activities to educate the general public regarding cleanliness. The activities consist of awareness in Market, Door to Door (Inner city Streets), Jamia Mosque, Park, Educational institutes (School/College/Universities) and Camp.

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