Rumours of Gen Faiz’s House arrest are false

ISLAMABAD: Rumours of former ISI chief Faiz Hameed’s House arrest are false, according to sources privy to this matter.

Earlier it was reported that the federal government plans to arrest former ISI chief Faiz Hameed on serious charges, including corruption, terrorism, political interference and sedition.

A media report quoting a vlog, claimed federal authorities have collected evidence against him and the final decision to arrest the ex-spymaster will be made soon.

One of the most powerful generals of ISI, General Faiz has reportedly been accused of financing and promoting terrorism by Pakistani Taliban and being involved directly in the current economic destruction, insecurity, and political instability of the country.

The media report claimed that Faiz Hameed was not alone as he executed the Bajwa doctrine in the country. The senior journalist claimed that the former director general of the ISI did all wrongdoings as he wanted to be the next army chief.

The report about the corruption charges against Faiz Hameed says that prominent journalist Ansar Abbasi has also written that the owners of a housing society in Islamabad were picked up using ISI and Rangers personnel.

Faiz Hameed was allegedly trying to transfer this housing society in the name of his brother and a woman. When they refused, an FIR was filed against him and she was subjected to torture for a few days. And surprisingly it all happened in Islamabad and the then interior minister, Chaudhry Nisar, couldn’t to anything.

The matter has been taken up with the Supreme Court but no to no avail. Similarly, money exchange dealers have been kidnapped. Moreover, there are reports that the network in Sindh was doing a great job. People were picked up and freed after getting a huge chunk of money. The report also claimed that the files of the housing schemes were watched and the people dealing in shadow business were used for the notorious designs.

Besides this, the report alleges the involvement of ISI people in negotiations with kidnappers kept making rounds. Those negotiators kept their share in millions. The report further claimed that Col Liaquat was picked up from Islamabad Airport in the past few days when he was on his way to the UK with his family and questioned how an ISI colonel got the resources to shift his family to the UK.

Also, the revelations add the long march of March 25 by PTI had the support of Faiz Hameed. The person who was caught recording the audio from the Prime Minister’s House was also in touch with him.

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