Rulers are only interested to perpetuate their rule and loot public money: Ayaz Latif Palijo

BADIN: Ayaz Latif Palijo, the chief of Qaumi Awami Tehreek has held the rulers responsible for the worsening crisis and lawlessness in Sindh.

Mr Palijo, who is also general secretary of Grand Democratic Alliance ( GDA) addressing the party workers in Khorwah town of Badin district on Friday asked rulers including Prime Minister Imran Khan to act wisely and prudently and to lead the people of the country from the front like a true leader, especially at the time when the people of the country were groaning under the worst type of poverty, lawlessness, price hike, uncontrolled inflation and other key and core issues.

Palijo expressed his deep grief over the killing of the unarmed people by the influential people referring to the recent killing of five innocent people of the Bhand community in Shaheed Benazirabad district at the hands of influential Zardaris on the dispute of the land. He said that the cold-blooded killing of six people during the armed attack on the poor people was nothing but a barbaric incident committed by the people in power in Sindh for the past 14 years.

He said that girls were not safe in their schools and universities from the wolves in the clothes of men while poor were being killed in the broadday light without any let or check. The leader of QAT also expressed his deep concern over the increasing cases of ‘honour killing’ and said that rulers had miserably failed to protect the weaker segments of the society and left them at the mercy of the tormentors.

He also strongly condemned the Naukot incident where the two Rajput girls were abucted and raped couple of the weeeks back. The people are feeling unsafe, insecure and uncertain due to the rising prices of the essential commodities with no remedial measures in sight everywhere in the country and such situations if not controlled prudently could push the country towards a very chaotic situation” he warned.and asked Prime Minister to to look at the core issues of the common people of the country.

He warned that if the situations were not handled properly and prudently the country could be pushed towards chaotic situations adding he maintained that the worsening situations needed the pragmatic and rational approach from those sitting power corridors. ” Any move by the rulers to prevaricate on the key issues can be very disastrous for the very foundations of the state and its institutions” he remarked and urged that it was the high time to stand on the one and the same platform to devise comprehensive plans policies to steer the country out of deep financial and other crises.

Ayaz said that one hand sea intrusion was devouring the lands of Badin, Thatta and Sujawal districts due to lack of the mechanism ton the part of the rulers to stem the rot while artificial water shortage was being created to force farmers to migrate to urban areas. He said that the agricultural sector of southern parts of Sindh had badly been affected due to flawed policies of the ruler, who according to him, were only interested in looting and plundering the funds meant for the welfare schemes and projects.

He said that the loans with harsh preconditions would never bring any change in the lifestyle of the country and would rather push the country towards backwardness and bankruptcy. Palijo said that it was the high time for the rulers to concentrate on the key internal issues instead of interfering in the domestic issues of other countries.
He said that rulers should stop unnecessary adventurism at the time when the country was passing through the critical phase due to changing international situations.

He urged that every saner element of the country would have to think seriously on the core issues setting aside their political differences, adding he asked the rulers and as well as the key leaders of the political parties to refrain from political point scoring.. He said that women of the country especially in Sindh were butchered everyday for so-called honour and rulers had done nothing to protect the weaker segments of the society.

Mr Palijo said that under the given situation there was an urgent need to mull over the worsening situation by inviting the stakeholders and the leaders of different political parties to find ways to get out of the dangerous conditions. ” It is very unfortunate that rulers instead of focusing on the real issues of the country and its people are least concerned to frame pro-people policies and plans which need prompt relief” he remarked and demanded that rulers act wisely and prudently at the critical juncture of history.

He said that it was more that mess was being created in Sindh unlike other provinces where, according to him,PPP rulers had played havoc with the institutions forcing people to commit suicide. The corrupt and incompetent rulers in Sindh over past 14 years had never bothered to even paid a little attention towards the basic amenities of life and whole province was facing ruination, he said and added it entire responsibility lied on the PPP rulers, who were only intrested to mint money by hook or by crook leaving people in terrible conditions.

“The Hindu girls are being abducted and raped, people are being kidnapped and killed in the broad-day light, students even in universities were not feeling safe and secure, kids in the district like Thar have been. He said that the entire Sindh was in ruins right from Keti Bandar to Kashmore and people were living under very miserable conditions. He said that it was very unfortunate that even people sitting in assemblies were directly and indirectly involved in killing innocent people and getting abducted by their henchmen and goons.

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