Retired general’s apocalyptic tweet on ‘destruction of free world’s way of life’ raises eyebrows

ISLAMABAD: Lt Gen (R) Ghulam Mustafa’s apocalyptic tweet predicting the “destruction of the free world’s way of life” in the wake of the Taliban’s struggle has raised many eyebrows in Pakistan.

Responding to an article shared by Sami Ullah Malik, a London based analyst, Lt Gen (R) Ghulam Mustafa wrote: “Taliban’s struggle is of epic proportions. It has set in motion irreversible processes which will lead to destruction of free world’s” way of life In Sha Allah.”

The fact that the general ended his comment with “In Sha Allah” reflects that it was also his desire to see the destruction of the free world’s way of life.

Twitterati were shocked by such a blatant prophecy and responded with shock and awe.

Senior journalist and Executive Editor of NayaDaur, Murtaza Solangi responded: “General Saheb, when are we having the epic victory of Taliban in Pakistan to end the evil free will here at home? Has the countdown begun?”.

Others asked the retired general if he would like him and his children to live the life the Taliban are living right now.

Khalid Munir, who is the elder brother of former intelligence officer Brigadier Asad Munir who later committed suicide said: “Sir how many more lives we want to sacrifice? 70000 isn’t enough . After what Pakistan went through due to Taliban we still are happy for them? haven’t we understood yet.”

Meanwhile, senior PPP leader Farhatullah Babar said that this tweet had convinced him that the strategic post of DG Strategic Plans Division should not be held only by a 3 star general.

Some people also defended the general’s statement, saying that people should allow space for everyone to express themselves freely.

“First, he is retired and secondly we have to give space to every one to express freely. I found so many videos that Afghan soldiers were not fighting back & leaving the battle field or surrendering themselves. Is it due to Pakistan? Are we stole courage from them?,” an unverified account on Twitter wrote responding to the criticisms made to the general.

This is not the first time that Lt Gen (R) Ghulam Mustafa has made a controversial statement. Previously, The Pakistan Daily had reported that the retired general had asked the army to “distance itself from PTI” since he argued it was damaging to the institution.

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