Residents badly beaten by guards in DHA phase 2 Islamabad after traffic dispute

By Meerum Awan.

Video emerges of a resident of DHA phase 2 Isb getting beaten up badly by a mob which witnesses claim as consisting of guards of DHA, officers from Giga group, construction workers and painters in the area. Resident claims the security and maintenance head of Giga group was present as well.

According to the resident: “We were entering Lignum towers when the guard stopped a Suzuki Ravi pick-up in front of us for verification. The guard was taking too long and cars were starting to line up at the barrier.

“I honked at him to get his attention so I could ask him to clear the entrance and take the Suzuki to a side. The guards responded rudely after which my friend who is also a resident of DHA phase 2 Islamabad got out of the car and politely asked the guard to take the car under verification away from the entrance so that the rest can pass. Without a verbal response, the guard pushed him away after which I got out of the car and told him to calm down. He pushed me in the same way.”

The incident occurred on 31 December around 4.00 PM.

The guard had stopped a Suzuki Ravi pick up for verification at the entrance of lignum towers of Al-Ghurair Giga Group and was taking too long and cars were lining up at the entrance when a resident of DHA phase 2 got out of his car and asked the guard to take the Suzuki to a side so the rest of the cars can pass.

The guards pushed the resident after which the other one also got out and told him to calm down.

According to the resident, “The driver of the Suzuki himself offered to move however the guard stood in front of the Suzuki and said it could not be moved.”

The events proceeded to a physical fight when two more guards also approached the scene.

According to the resident, in a matter of minutes, many people had gathered around the scene and some 15-20 more guards had arrived and all were taking part in beating up the two men.

They called another friend who immediately arrived at the scene to resolve the issue and urged the people to stop beating them saying “they will die”.

The video shows one guy being beaten up badly by a mob which the resident claims consisted of a couple of dozen guards of DHA as well the personal guards of the security and maintenance head of the Giga group.

While the video only shows one person, the guards beat up both of them and a third who arrived at the scene to help his friends resolve the fight.

A mob of at least a dozen guards was also joined by officers at the Giga group, construction workers, and painters who were working around the area.

After the mob had already beaten them once which the resident describes as the first round, the head of security came and rudely approached the bleeding residents asking them to come to their office.

Upon being asked by the injured men about his identification and authority, he and his personal guards (apart from the ones already there) also started to pound on them which is described as the second round by the resident. The resident was already injured very badly due to which some construction workers took a pity and took him to a building which was under construction saying, “come with us or they will beat you to death”.

However, the guards did not stop and proceeded with beating the other two- one was only there to resolve the fight- which is described as the third round by the resident.

The residents retreated to their office which is in the same market and were later approached by officers of Lignum towers who informed them that the guards have been behaving like this for quite a while as there is only one security head- who was witnessed watching the scene calmly surrounded by armed personnel- so there is no one to hold them accountable. The officers also informed them that similar incidents have been occurring in the area for some time.

The resident has also informed us that they were actually on their way to meet the same security and maintenance head to obtain a No objection certificate (NOC) as they run a real estate and construction business which is also located in the same vicinity.

The three men describe the beating as having three rounds during which the security head of Giga stood by with his armed guards and calmly watched the entire scene.

The three men were badly injured and one of them is still recovering and he also had to leave the area after the incident due to concerns for their life.

Giga group has been approached for comment.

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