Relief from court encouraged Imran to violate law: Rana Sanaullah

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has claimed that PTI Chairman Imran Khan went to the Islamabad judicial complex along with up to 400 people, including 100 armed men.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, he questioned how the court allowed Imran Khan to sign on the attendance register from his car, contrary to the legal norms.

He alleged that the court’s relief to Imran Khan encouraged him to break the rules.

The minister said he offered Imran foolproof security, but the PTI chief went to Islamabad along with a mob of 300-400 and a convoy of PTI workers.

He lamented that a man who refuses to obey court orders, was granted protective bail before court appearance. Law enforcers are pelted with stones, he asserted.

“On the other hand, he is getting pre-arrest bail in cases. This way, troublemakers get encouraged,” he stressed, and questioned how Imran could be allowed to go to court with a mob.

The interior minister also lamented that the PTI chief was allowed to sign his attendance from his car, and allowed to leave.

Rana Sana also defended the Zaman Park operation in Lahore, and said law enforcement agencies carried out the drive with a search warrant.

He further claimed the operation was meant to clear the vicinity of the “no-go area”.

Imran Khan’s house was searched, his wife was present there. “Despite having a search warrant, the policemen did not enter,” he claimed.

Around 65 suspects were arrested from Zaman Park, none of whom belonged to the province. He added that around a dozen of the suspects were identified.

Kalashnikovs, rifles and equipment for making petrol bombs were also seized. He claimed all these things were used against the law enforcement agencies.

The minister said they suspected there were illegal weapons and prohibited items in the house.

He said when Imran was in the government, he used to say the opposition should be eliminated, adding he wanted to hang people on the basis of money laundering.

“At that time, his front person Farah Gogi was laundering money. He caused a loss of Rs50 billion to the treasury, and got property worth Rs7 billion in his name,” he claimed.

The minister claimed they did not want the police to be armed. But when they got there, they were faced with armed terrorists.

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