Reham Khan attacked in Islamabad, FIR lodged

ISLAMABAD: Political activist Mohtarma Reham Khan was targeted in a horrific attack whilst returning from the wedding of her nephew in Islamabad on Sunday night. 

Islamabad Police launched an FIR regarding the incident on Monday afternoon. 

Copy of the FIR registered against the attack on Mohtarma Reham Khan

“On the way back from my nephew’s marriage my car just got fired at & two men on a motorbike held vehicle at gunpoint!! I had just changed vehicles. My PS & driver were in the car. This is Imran Khan’s New Pakistan? Welcome to the state of cowards, thugs & the greedy!!” Reham Khan tweeted shortly after the attack. 

Reham Khan had recently returned to Pakistan in November 2021 despite various security concerns in order to serve her homeland. 

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, Reham Khan detailed the events that unfolded during the attack on her and her team. 

“Yesterday I was attending my nephew’s nikah ceremony in Islamabad. On our return I changed my vehicle following our system of privacy & security protocol. Within moments the Prado TX which is recognised as a car I use was chased by masked armed men on a motorbike,” she said. 

Reham Khan attended the wedding of her nephew shortly before her team faced was attacked.

Recalling the horrific attack, Reham Khan noted: “The driver said he heard two shots fired & within minutes the motorbike had reached his side window & pointed a gun at him. He immediately put car in first gear & sped away navigating through the rather busy jam packed IGP road.” 

Reham Khan’s driver got stuck behind the truck as the attackers reached the car and parked the bike in front of the bonnet of the car. The two attackers who were both carrying pistols pointed the guns at Reham Khan’s driver and personal secretary and tapped the windows of the car. 

“They signalled them to open up but the driver with remarkable courage & skill took the gap & used the near footpath to make his escape. He took a UTurn facing the oncoming traffic & sped towards Sadder Rawalpindi. Another car picked up Bilal from there to take him to a safe point & he was then taken to the police station to report the incident. Then followed intense interrogation & procedural delays apparently. The application was finally accepted & we are awaiting registration of the FIR,” Reham Khan said. 

Commenting on the ordeal faced by her personal secretary, Reham remarked: “Bilal Azmat is known to be my most trusted right hand man & is 24/7 with me. He has no personal enemies. It strikes us as extremely suspicious why a bigger car would be singled out on a busy road twice while other smaller cars  around were not attacked. We believe it is a covert cowardly attempt to intimidate my staff & to make it clear that I’m unwelcome in Pakistan. I had been warned by friends & well wishers about the risks involved but I am not a woman who can be scared off.” 

Social media erupted in condemnation on the attack on Reham Khan with various voices suggesting that this could be a targeted attack given the fact that Reham Khan is Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife and attacks against dissenting voices have frequently been witnessed in the capital ever since Imran Khan took power in 2018. 

Journalists Abbas Nasir, Raza Rumi and Asad Ali Toor inquired upon the safety of Reham Khan following the attack. 

Abbas Nasir remarked that it was wise of Reham Khan’s team to change vehicles in order to avert such instances. 

Responding to Raza Rumi, Reham Khan stated that she would prefer a duel and not a cowardly covert attempt. 

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