Record legislation passed in Punjab Assembly

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly has passed record legislation in two years since the new assemblies were formed.

At least 63 important bills have been passed including the Punjab Local Government Act which will devolve power to the local bodies.

In order to lower the burden on courts which are stacked with an excess of cases, The Punjab Alternate Dispute Resolution Act 2019 provides alternate means of dispute resolution like mediation according to the Punjab government.

In a video released on social media, the Punjab government said that acts on seven universities were also passed which include the Rawalpindi Women’s University and the University of Mianwali.

Since Pakistan was on the FATF greylist, the Punjab Government said that in order to comply with the watchdog, it had passed the Punjab Seized and Freezed Institutions Act as well as Madaris and Schools Act 2019.

The Punjab government also made legislation to tackle the viral coronavirus in the form of The Punjab Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act which formalised the government’s powers in regards to dealing with the virus.

A new website called has also been made by the law ministry so that the people of Punjab can study the new laws as well as the amendments on their mobile devices or laptops.

Further legislation includes the Punjab Right to Public Services Act, Punjab Domestic Workers Act, Punjab Occupational Safety and Health Act, The Punjab Skills Development Authority Act, The Punjab Prevention of Conflict of Interest Act, The Provincial Assembly of the Punjab Secteriat Services Act, The Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Centre Act and several others.

Raja Basharat who presently serves as the minister for law, parliamentary affairs, social welfare and Bait ul Maal is credited for the record legislation in Punjab Assembly according to sources privy to these developments.

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