#RAWKilledKarima goes viral on social media after Baloch activist’s death

TORONTO: A Baloch dissident leader who was the chairperson the Baloch Students Organisation (BSO Azad) has been found dead with Canadian police discounting suspicions regarding her death according to the BBC.

The Hashtag #RAWKilledKarima went viral on social media in the aftermath of Karima’s death.

The 37-year-old Karima Baloch had been granted asylum in Canada after she cited fears for her life in Pakistan.

BSO Azad had been banned by the government of Pakistan due to suspected links between BSO Azad and hostile foreign intelligence agencies.

Allah Nazar Baloch, a founder of BSO Azad now commands the Baloch Liberation Front, which has waged an armed struggle against Pakistan.

Karima Baloch was found missing on Sunday during a walk to Toronto’s Centre Island, a frequent occurence.

Her husband, Hammal Haider who is also an exiled activist did not suspect suicide but he said: “I can’t blame anyone right now. We are just waiting to hear from police on its investigation.”

Karima Baloch had been featured in its 100 most inspirational women in 2016.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera journalist, Asad Hashim said: “Rights activists say Baloch’s family had recently received threats related to her work advocating against enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings in her native Balochistan, which she fled under threat of violence in 2015.”

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