Rakhi Sawant in danger as husband Adil Khan gives contract to kill her

Rakhi Sawant recently made a shocking revelation about estranged husband Adil Khan, says he is planning to kill her.

According to Rakhi, despite being imprisoned in the Mysore jail, Adil is planning on killing her. She also claimed that he has given her death contract to a killer in jail.

While talking to a news portal, she stated: “I am reading duas to stay safe from enemies. I just found out that Adil is planning to kill me in jail. He gave my death contract to a killer from jail.”

“All I have to tell him is that Adil, I have read the dua and I am sure Allah will accept my prayers. You cannot kill me, why do you want to do this? For property and revenge?”

Moreover, Rakhi sent a voice note to the entertainment portal where one of her well-wishers shared Adil’s plans.

“I have come to know something that I want to tell you. I want to keep my identity hidden and I am your well-wisher. There were few people in Adil’s room, he asked a few people to make a deal to kill you.”

“He has been planning for some time now, he was even holding you responsible in front of the superintendent and even ready to buy all the policemen here.”

Bigg Boss 14 finalist also claimed: “Adil keeps calling me from the jail every day, keeps saying I love you, take me back. I told him that I have forgiven you but stay away from me.”

On February 7, Adil Khan was arrested after Rakhi Sawant accused him of domestic violence. She also accused him of having an extramarital affair.

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