Raja Basharat urges Punjab residents to follow govt SOPs in the fight against COVID-19

RAWALPINDI: Punjab’s Law Minister, Raja Basharat has urged the people of Rawalpindi, his hometown, and the people of Punjab to follow the government’s guidelines and SOPs in the fight against the viral coronavirus.

Recently, partial lockdowns were imposed in the Rawalpindi District from 10 November till 19 November in order to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

“People should act responsibly and should not shun precautionary measures,” Raja Basharat said, promising that the government would strictly implement the SOPs.

The Punjab Law Minister, whose work and dedication in the fight against COVID-19 in Pakistan has received international attention vowed that it was the PTI government’s responsibility to tackle the spread of the disease and that he would take all measures to restrict the virus.

Ahmed Nasir Raja & Behroze Kamal Raja on the frontlines of Pakistan’s battle with COVID-19

Raja Basharat, who is immensely popular in Rawalpindi due to his 40 year political career in the city advised residents to avoid large gatherings to evade the second wave of the virus.

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily, PTI Rawalpindi leader Behroze Kamal Raja who has played an instrumental role in Pakistan’s fight against COVID-19 said, “I urge my people of Rawalpindi to act responsibly at this crucial time. By the grace of Almighty Allah, we have successfully restricted the spread of the virus due to PTI’s timely measures but the battle against this virus is not over.”

PTI Rawalpindi Leader, Behroze Kamal Raja

Behroze Kamal Raja added, “I realise that partial lockdowns will be inconvenient for residents temporarily but these measures have been taken for everyone’s protection. If we behave responsibly today, we will enjoy the fruits tomorrow.”

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, budding politician and Dhamial House scion, Ahmed Nasir Raja who has made magnanimous contributions in the fight against COVID-19 in Pakistan said, “I have full faith in my people of Rawalpindi, they have always behaved responsibly and will continue to do so.

PTI Rawalpindi Leader, Ahmed Nasir Raja

“Under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visionary leadership, we will defeat this virus completely. Already, PM Khan’s response to the virus in the shape of partial lockdowns has been appreciated worldwide.”

Ahmed Nasir Raja, who joined PTI in 2018 said, “It’s unfortunate that our own media hasn’t appreciated our efforts to fight this virus but the international media has recognised Pakistan’s resolve against the viral disease.”

Ahmed Nasir Raja referred to a conversation between Lawrence Summers, a Harvard Professor and Fareed Zakaria on CNN where Mr Summers had praised Pakistan’s response to COVID-19.

“The numbers speak for themselves, in the US, almost 250k people have died, in the UK, the number is 50k but in Pakistan, we have controlled the virus and thus we only have 7k deaths,” the budding PTI leader from Rawalpindi, Ahmed Nasir Raja said.

Dhamial House scions Ahmed Nasir Raja (left), Behroze Kamal Raja (right)

Speaking from Dhamial House, Behroze Kamal Raja added that the people of Pakistan should appreciate Pakistan’s timely response to the pandemic and feel proud of Imran Khan’s visionary leadership at such a crucial time for Pakistan.

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