Punjab recommends Rs32,000 as minimum monthly wages

LAHORE: The Punjab Labour Department has recommended Rs32,000 per month as minimum wages for workers that was Rs25,000 earlier.

Labour Department secretary Asadullah Faiz chaired a meeting of the minimum wage board and it unanimously recommended new wages.

The secretary said the department had recommended the minimum wages. He said that after a month or so the main board comprising employers’ and employees’ representatives would finally discuss and hopefully endorse our recommendations.

During this period, complaints from various corners would also be received and considered by the main board. He was of the view that the decision was taken in light of the caretaker government’s worker-friendly endeavour. He said that after the major board finally recommends our proposal, the case is moved to the cabinet for final consent. After that the department executes it, the labor secretary told.

It is to be noted that former president Asif Ali Zardari had also urged the federal government to enhance the minimum wages of labourers to Rs35,000 a month.

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