Punjab Police manhandles and arrests Yousaf Raza Gilani’s son, Kasim Gilani

MULTAN: Syed Kasim Gilani who is the Chief Coordinator of the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) Jalsa in Multan scheduled for 30 November has been manhandled and arrested by Punjab Police.

Punjab police personnel can be seen grabbing Kasim Gilani, who is the son of former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani by the collar and dragging him to the police van. The Pakistan Daily (TPD) Investigations Desk believes that Kasim Gilani is currently being held at Thana Gulgasht, Multan.

Kasim Gilani confirmed his arrest in a series of tweets.

Kasim Gilani stated he had gone to arrange water and food for his workers but the police beat him up and arrested him.

9 Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) workers were also arrested alongside Kasim Gilani.

Chairman PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari condemned the arrest.

“PTI’s government is so threaten by PPPs upcoming foundation day in Multan, Punjab. They yet again attacked & arrested our workers including @KasimGillani. We will host PDM on Nov 30 come what may. @AseefaBZ will be reaching to represent me. #JalsaTouHoga,” Bilawal said, taking on the PTI government.

This correspondent called Kasim Gilani’s personal telephone number multiple times but the phone was powered off.

Senior PPP leader, Senator Sehar Kamran strongly condemned the arrest of Kasim Gilani.

“Fascist Govt must count its days, arrest, containers and dictatorial tactics can’t suppress our voices, can’t break our resolve and can’t stop #PDMMultanJalsa #PPPFoundationDay #ReleaseKasimGillani,” Senator Sehar Kamran said.

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