Punjab Police harasses Raja Basharat’s household staff in illegal raid

RAWALPINDI: Punjab Police harassed former Law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat’s household staff in an illegal raid in the wee hours of the night.

Around 2 AM, a heavy contingent of Punjab Police illegally raided Dhamial House in Rawalpindi which is the residence of former Law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat and his brother Raja Nasir.

No men were present in the house but women and children were present during the raid instilling fear in the inhabitants of Dhamial House who had no clue over the reasons for the raid.

No search warrant was offered and the household staff was harassed and intimidated.

Commenting on the development, former Law Minister Punjab, Raja Basharat said: “I have received information that my home, Dhamial House was just raided by the police and the staff present there was harassed. They were given the information that the police would return with more backup. I am not present in my home but I think this is shameful that any citizen’s home is raided at night. These tactics will not influence the real Azadi March and God willing the nation will answer Imran Khan’s call on 25th May. These tactics will not influence anyone.”

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily, a senior, sitting government official expressed shock over this event and ensured that they would look into this matter.

Commenting on the development, the Editor of The Pakistan Daily, Hamza Azhar Salam said: “It’s disgusting that such tactics are being employed by the present government to harass the families of politicians who have nothing to do with the current state of affairs. Such tactics have a negative utility and increase the fervour within political families which are illegally and unduly targetted.”

A senior PMLN leader currently present in London assured The Pakistan Daily that there would be accountability for this action and no harm to any innocent party would be made by the authorities.

The raid on Raja Basharat and Raja Nasir’s residence was followed by subsequent raids on PTI leaders’ homes including Hammad Azhar.

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