PTI’s detained female workers deny reports of ‘sexual assault’ in jail

Detained female workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Friday denied experiencing any mistreatment in prison.

Following a court appearance, Sanam Javed Khan, one of the detained PTI leaders, responded to questions regarding accusations of violence within the prison.

Sanam firmly denied any instances of mistreatment, arguing that since they had not been engaged in any wrongdoing, why would they be subject to abuse?

“Why would there be any abuse when we haven’t done anything [wrong],” she said. Another worker added, “What more abuse can there be than keeping us innocent women in jail?”

Another PTI member Aliyah Hamza expressed her concerns, questioning the reason of the forceful intrusion into their homes.

“Isn’t it condemnable the way they stormed our house? You can use social media laws against us if you have issues with our social media accounts but is it necessary to make us a target of political revenge?” she questioned.

The development comes days after former prime minister Imran Khan said that there were reports of abuse, including “rape”, of his women party workers and supporters who were arrested following the May 9 riots.

Meanwhile, Lahore Police has initiated a crackdown on inappropriate and unethical posts on social media targeting their officers.

The authorities have taken the initiative to track down the offenders by contacting the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to identify and locate individuals behind offensive posts on social media platforms.

They said that the IP addresses of such individuals will be traced and action will be taken against accounts operating under fictitious identities.

Additionally, the accounts involved in trolling and being operated from foreign jurisdictions will be blocked.

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