PTI will use cow shit to run buses: Climate Minister Zartaj Gul

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul has stunned the entire country after she claimed that buses will be now run by generating energy from cow shit.

Previously, Zartaj Gul was ridiculed on social media after she said that COVID-19 had 19 points which could target any country in any way.

Addressing the Senate session, Zartaj Gul said that the amount of diesel and petrol being imported in Pakistan is Euro-Five quality and the amount of sulfur in Euro-Five is only 5%.

Zartaj Gul’s new statement after the ’19’ points of the covid

She said that Punjab had tightened fines to remove vehicle pollution, cracked down on Iranian smuggled oil which resulted in an annual loss of Rs 250 billion.

Zartaj Gul is considered extremely close to PM Khan.

Zartaj Gul said that 1100 petrol pumps have been closed after the operation on Balochistan border while 1800 petrol pumps are operating illegally in the country. Iron factories in Islamabad are being monitored for industrial pollution while plastics are being monitored. Burned factories have been fined.

Zartaj Gul is considered to be extremely close to Prime Minister Khan, which is why, she has retained her ministry despite virtually zero knowledge about climate change whatsoever.

The Minister of State said that 3,034 cases were registered for burning crop residues. When the British left, the forests were 33 per cent. The timber mafia increased these forests to 7 per cent. In 15 years, the country experienced super flood and drought. Has come

Zartaj Gul said that Pakistan is not responsible for global warming due to industrial revolution because Pakistan does not have even one percent share in global warming.

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