PTI-Nazriati (PTI-N) chai­r­man offers his platform to Tareen’s bloc

LAHORE: PTI-Nazriati (PTI-N) chai­r­man Akhtar Iqbal Dar offered his party’s platform to Jahangir Khan Tareen’s bloc.

“I invite Mr Tareen for talks if he and his group members are interested in doing politics from the platform of PTI-N. My party’s doors are open for Tar­een and other ‘clean politicians’ to achieve what we could not in Khan’s PTI which is a ‘one man’ show,” PTI-N chairman Akhtar Iqbal Dar said.

Mr Dar said he got PTI-N registered with the Elec­tion Commission before the 2018 elections after fal­ling out with Imran Khan. “I quit PTI and launched PTI-N after opportunists took over PTI.

“Imran Khan does not respect anyone and takes all decisions on his own,” Mr Dar said. He was a classmate in the college of the PML-N’s Saad Rafique and PTI’s Riaz Fatayana.

Akhtar Iqbal Dar, who hails from Sheikhupura, further said the PTI-N would become ‘relevant’ before the next elections.

The Tareen group held a huddle in Lahore on Monday in which disgruntled MNAs and former Punjab MPAs, who were disqualified after voting for the PML-N candidate in the chief minister’s election last year, participated.

The Tareen group has been given a go-ahead to focus on breaking the PTI, especially in the light of a possible disqualification of Imran Khan in any of the cases pending against him.

A parallel platform would have all the support of the establishment to dent the PTI.

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