PTI most popular party in Pakistan: Survey

A survery conducted by Nerve Centre shows PTI as the most popular political party after two years. As per the nation wide poll results, 49% of the population would vote for PTI if polls were held right now.

However, 43% of people voted for PMLN, showing that the party despite Nawaz Sharif being convicted and in London and Shehbaz Sharif in jail is still popular amongst the voters. Only 8% people voted for PPP which again goes on to show that PPP has not done enough to capitalise on the poor performance of PTI especially in the economy.

The Nerve Centre Analytics used sms technology for this survery, claiming to send a total of five hundred thousand sms message to users with a single question, “Who will you vote for if polls are held today? Press 1 for PTI, Press 2 for PMLN, Press 3 for PPP”. Twenty five thousand people responded back with an answer.

According to the Nerver Centre, the sms was sent in 13 major cities out of the four provinces keeping in mind to have a full sample of the population.

The poll results show that while PTI might get majority in Sindh, KPK and Balochistan, Punjab still belongs to PMLN, where the voters are still willing to vote for PMLN.

Islamabad shows PTI taking a majority while PMLN comes in on a second number with PPP showing miserable numbers here as well.

Even Sindh showed PPP lagging behind PTI where in Karachi, PTI stood up first to take up maximum number of votes, with PMLN second in Karachi while PPP stood second in Sukkur and Hyderabad but PTI still was the most popular party in those cities.

In Quetta as well, PTI proved to be the most popular party with PMLN coming in second and PPP lagging behind on the third position.

South Punjab too favoured PTI, where people from three cities, Bhakkar, Bhawalpur, Muzzafargarh clearly favoured PTI while in Multan PMLN seems to have secured the same number of votes as PTI, giving it tough competition.

The poll however tiled in favour of PMLN when it comes to Punjab, where people from Sialkot, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad favoured PTI with PMLN following but Lahore remains loyal to PMLN. Lahore has the maximum number of seats in Punjab and the city still belongs to PMLN, tilting the whole of Punjab in their favour.

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