PTI MNA in the midst of a scandal

Kanwal Shauzab who is an MNA of the ruling PTI has found herself in the midst of a scandal which suggests that the female MNA ‘bulldozed’ all norms of civility and social structures. 

According to several reports, Raja Abdul Rehman, who is a retired Chief Scientist and/or Director Strategic Analysis, has reportedly made claims that the Islamabad based MNA has made a show of power by abusing his wife.

Raja Abdul Rehman and his wife, 67-year old Fatima Abdul Rehman, who are residents of sector F-11/2 for the past twenty-five years, have claimed that Kanwal Shuazab of PTI recently bought a house near them. In their report, they claimed that “there is a shared open land that faces our house and to the West side of her home. On CDA resources, an exclusive campaign for beautification of environment around her home was ongoing, demolishing several old trees. As she is a green Pakistan lover, she used her civic duty to complain to CDA, the Mayor Islamabad and social media with a request that trees should not be demolished.” 

Raja Abdul Rehman continued to add that the environment wing of the CDA intervened in the matter and attempted to stop the cutting of trees, however, the process continued intermittently. Moreover, he claimed that on the 23rd of September, 2020, while his wife, Fatima Abdul Rehman was outside in their lawn, the PTI MNA “jumped into, crossing fences in-between our houses and grabbed her from throat, punched and beat, snatched mobile and threw it away, threatening of dire consequences.”

In his report against Kanwal Shuazab, he stated that the MNA’s use of language was extremely abusive, “never ever heard in our 45 years of peaceful stay in Islamabad”. In addition to this, he added that as a lawmaker who has sworn oath to be a faithful protector of the law, the incident is an absolute and utter violation of the law.

He further added that the “woman MNA shamefully bulldozing to ashes all civility, our religious, moral and social norms” behaved aggressively with his wife.

Raja Abdul Rehman continued to state that “I bring this issue with the reasons that does she, a fascist mindset, deserve this very honorable Status being conferred on behalf of the Peoples of Pakistan? I want my ordeal to be heard and justice [to] be served by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan whom many of us voted for”.

According to reports Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Rehman seek justice to be served by the government of Pakistan, and nothing else.

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