PTI activist murdered by Islamabad police for not stopping at their orders

By Abdullah Zahid.

ISLAMABAD: A 22-year-old PTI activist, Usama Nadeem Satti, was shot dead by Anti-Terrorist Squad personnel in Islamabad last night.

Satti’s car.

According to details, police received a call late at night that few dacoits in a car with tinted windows were trying to commit robbery in Shams Colony area. Upon hearing the news, ATS police personnel started patrolling the area and chased a vehicle on suspicion.

As per police sources, despite repeated calls by ATS to stop the vehicle, the driver didn’t oblige which prompted police officers to take action. They fired shots at the tires of the vehicle but unfortunately, the bullets hit the driver which resulted in his death.

According to his family, the 21-year-old was coming back after dropping a friend to university when the incident took place. “He was shot just for not stopping his car,” the victim’s father said in a video statement.

He said that his son had informed him about a past occasion when he had had a heated exchange with some police personnel who according to Usama had “threatened him of dire consequences”.

Commenting on the development, Law Minister Punjab, Raja Basharat said: “The 5 accused in the Isb incident have been arrested & FIR is registered. The facts will be made public after transparent inquiry and whoever is responsible will be prosecuted under Law. May Allah Almighty bless 21 year old Usama Satti with Jannah & grant patience to the family.”

Nadeem Satti appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the interior minister and the Islamabad administration to take notice of the incident and provide him justice.

Following this, five officers of the Anti-Terrorism Squad were arrested. The capital’s inspector-general has promised a clear investigation into the case.

According to the initial post-mortem report The Pakistan Daily receives, Usama Satti received six bullets to different parts of the body including head, left arm and four bullets on the waist.

The authorities have ordered a judicial inquiry to unearth facts regarding the murder of the youngster in Islamabad during a police action.

The family and relatives of Osama Satti later staged a protest on Srinagar Highway and blocked the road which led to suspension of the traffic.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the perpetrators will be punished and action against them will be taken under the Anti-Terrorism Act and Section 302 (punishment for murder) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Meanwhile, the incident has generated an uproar on social media with people questioning the rising crime rate in the capital and the police’s alleged involvement in the recent killing.

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