Pro PTI anchors campaigning to accept Israel

ISLAMABAD: Rumours are circulating in Pakistan’s capital that Pakistan will follow the United Arab Emirates in accepting the state of Israel, in much contrast to Pakistan’s historic foreign policy.

These rumours have been amplified after senior journalists Kamran Khan and Mobasher Lucman, both who are considered to be extremely close to Pakistan’s establishment have argued that Pakistan must ‘revisit’ its Israel policy.

Veteran journalist Kamran Khan said, “Pakistan must also revisit it’s Israel policy. Message for we Pakistanis from the Custodians of the Holy Mosques and other brothers in the Arab world.“Nations don’t have permanent friends or enemies, only interests” Why is Pakistan shy of exercising its options?”

This logic was quickly countered by Pakistani intellectual Raza Rumi who asked “how will the state change public opinion when for 73 years everything wrong in the country has been termed as a ‘Jewish’ or ‘Hindu’ conspiracy?”.

Adding to the mysterious development, Mubasher Lucman appeared on an Israeli channel.

Mubasher said that the relations between Pakistan and Israel should not be dependent on the US or Saudi Arabia.

“If a child is born today, it doesn’t mean that the mischief happened last night,” the leading Pakistani anchor said.

This comes after the news of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly meeting Saudi crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman in a secret meeting.

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world which does not recognise Israel.

It is expected that such friendly overtures towards Israel will move Pakistan away from Iran, Turkey and Malaysia and closer to the US, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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