President Alvi denies Presidential immunity in PTV case

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi has filed a petition in which he denies Presidential immunity in the Pakistan Television (PTV) and Parliament attack case stating that he has studied the Islamic history and found no scope for exemption, even though the Constitution of Pakistan grants these exemptions, he prefers not taking it.

Arif Alvi appeared in the anti-terrorism court in PTV and Parliament attack case and said that the constitution of Pakistan grants me immunity in the before said cases but I find no such exemptions in Islam, and the laws of Islam are way greater than the laws of Pakistan, therefore, I do not want any exemption in this case. During the reigns of the Caliphs, they appeared before the court with dignity, he added.

President Arif Alvi further said that he was charged with this case in 2016 and was also granted bail from the same court. He also requested the jury to make quick decisions as these cases are carried further in children. “My father had filed a case back in 1977 which is still ongoing,” the President said. 

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