Post-mortem report confirms PTI worker Ali Bilal was brutally tortured

LAHORE: The post-mortem report of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) worker Ali Bilal has confirmed that he died of excessive bleeding after he was subjected to severe torture.

The post-mortem examination, conducted by a three-member forensic team from General Hospital, revealed evidence of assault on his body, with the cause of death determined to be due to torture.

The post-mortem report revealed that 26 different marks of torture were found on the victim’s body, including on sensitive parts, while a part of his skull was badly affected.

The post-mortem report also revealed that blood accumulated in Ali Bilal’s liver and pancreas also contributed to his death. The victim’s blood pressure also fell due to the accumulation of blood in the brain, the report said.

Bilal was arrested during a crackdown on PTI workers participating in a public rally led by former premier Imran Khan on March 8. Ali Bilal was present at the rally near Mall Road when police resorted to baton-charge and fired tear gas shells at the party workers.

Several PTI workers including Ali Bilal were arrested for violating the imposition of Section 144.

He was allegedly tortured to death and his body was brought to Services Hospital by two unidentified individuals in a black car, who later fled. Hospital officials confirmed that the victim was assaulted and had already succumbed to his injuries when he was brought to the emergency department.

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