Pope Francis likes bikini model’s picture on Instagram, model feels ‘blessed’

VATICAN: In a shocking development which has stunned Christians across the world, Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of Catholics liked a bikini model’s picture on Instagram.

The like, which has now been reversed showed the bikini model, Nata Gata dressed in a skimpy school girl costume, reflecting that perhaps Pope Francis has a particular liking for such costumes.

Bikini Model, Nata

Nata, who was stunned by the development said, “My mum may hate my ass pics but the Pope be double-tapping.”

Pope Francis’ like on Nata’s Instagram

To avoid further controversy, Pope Francis tweeted, “Even a smile that we can share with the poor is a source of love. An outstretched hand can always be enriched by the smile of those who quietly and unassumingly offer to help, inspired only by the joy of living as one of Christ’s disciples.”


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