PM’s secretary Azam Khan in trouble as JKT returns to helm of affairs

PM House sources claim that the Prime Minister’s secretary, Azam Khan’s job hangs in the balance after the return of political maverick Jahangir Khan Tareen.

In a tv show, Tareen had openly blamed Azam Khan for driving a wedge between himself and Prime Minister Imran Khan who was also considered Khan’s best friend and the one he could blindly rely on in tough times.

Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen were considered best friends forever (BFF).

Sources privy to these developments confirm that Tareen has received assurances that he would not be arrested and that his sugar businesses will continue as usual from the military establishment. Sources also claim that Tareen and his former best friend Imran Khan are still not on ‘talking terms’.

Upon returning to Pakistan, Tareen had tweeted that he would play his part in fighting the sugar crisis but it has been alleged that the sugar crisis occurred after a verbal confrontation between Tareen and Khan’s secretary, Azam Khan.

Sources claim Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen are not in talking terms.

Tareen had allegedly threatened Azam Khan of raising the sugar prices over 100 rs per kilo if he was targetted in the sugar inquiry report. Even before the report became public, Tareen’s houses and offices were bugged by the Intelligence Bureau on the instructions of Barrister Shehzad Akbar and Azam Khan.

Sources close to Tareen claim that he was astonished by the betrayal of his best friend, Imran Khan, for whom he had sacrificed his wealth and invested his time and efforts in order to ensure that Imran Khan became Prime Minister.

It is alleged that Tareen has made a surreptitious deal with the establishment which promises a major role for Ali Khan Tareen in the new set up since Jahangir Tareen has been disqualified by the Supreme Court.

Jahangir Tareen played a major role in the formation of the PTI govt in 2018.

The PML-Q also joined PTI’s coalition after persuasion by Jahangir Tareen, as did Akhtar Mengal and MQM – Pakistan.

In just 7 months since Tareen’s departure, the coalition became shaky and it is believed that Tareen has come to troubleshoot matters with the allies and set the foundation for a new arrangement.

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