PML-Q senior members did not attend dinner hosted by PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Senior members of PML-Q including Tariq Bashir Cheema have not attended a dinner hosted by Prime Minister Imran Khan in honour of the government and allies lawmakers at Prime Minister’s House on Monday.

While talking to the lawmakers, the prime minister said that PTI is successfully governing the country despite facing many challenges and the federal budget 2021-22 will sail through the parliament on Tuesday.

PM Khan said that the PTI-led government has proposed a pro-growth budget that will be passed by the parliament tomorrow.

He also took notice of some lawmakers who have not attended the dinner and directed PTI’s Chief Whip in National Assembly Amir Dogar to ensure their presence. He thanked the coalition partners of the ruling PTI for supporting the federal government.

PML-Q senior members including Tariq Bashir Cheema have not attended the dinner. The lawmakers told the media that Mutton Qorma, Seikh Kabab, Palak, Biryani and other dishes were served in the PM-hosted dinner.

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