PML-N promoting dangerous trend in politics: Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: In a statement issued to the media, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat said that PML-N was promoting a very dangerous trend in politics by going against the military establishment.

Raja Basharat said that the dangerous game played by PML-N was a conspiracy against national security, stability and the economy of Pakistan.

“Funerals of 20 soldiers who were martyred for the sake of the country were being read yesterday when Nawaz Sharif was spewing poison against Pak forces.

“Nawaz Sharif took relief from the judiciary on the pretext of serious illness. It is also a moment of reflection for the judiciary as to how the emaciated man is now sitting in London and tearing his throat and talking,” Raja Basharat said.

The Punjab Law Minister further stated that Punjab government did not deter the PDM’s preparations for the Gujranwala jalsa but added that the failure of the Gujranwala jalsa strengthed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

PTI leaders Ahmed Nasir Raja & Behroze Kamal Raja with their constituents.

Commenting on the Pakistan Democratic Movement Jalsa, budding PTI leader Behroze Kamal Raja speaking from Dhamial House said, “PDM is a union of tried and tested political parties to save their own corrupt leaders. The current state of Pakistan, be it inflation, economic turmoil, inefficient government departments, corruption and money laundering are all ascribed to them.”

PTI leader Behroze Kamal Raja

Behroze Raja said that the people of Pakistan were done with the ‘redundant narratives’ of the PDM and they were optimistic for a better Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“The opposition has an opportunity to step back due to COVID-19 which they should avail and show that they truly care about the welfare of people. If they continue with the Modi mindset then people of Pakistan will discard them for good,” Behroze said.

PTI leader Ahmed Nasir Raja

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily, Dhamial House scion and young PTI leader Ahmed Nasir Raja said, “Pakistan is headed in the right direction under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. A positive image of Pakistan is reflected with Prime Minister Imran Khan at the helm of affairs”.

Ahmed Nasir Raja said that Pakistan’s re-election in UNHCR by a vast majority was also a great achievement of the PTI led government and that world leaders recognised the wisdom and stature of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“At this hour, the opposition should side with the government and the establishment in order to stabilise the economy and the country and also to prevent COVID-19 instead of spreading it through unnecessary jalsas,” Ahmed Nasir Raja said.

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