PM Shehbaz waives fuel adjustment charges for 17 million consumers

DOHA: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday announced the waiver of fuel adjustment charges in electricity bills for August. 

Addressing the nation through state media during his maiden visit to Qatar, he said that the measure will benefit 17 million of 30 million consumers of electricity.

The second half of his talk was about fuel adjustment in electricity bills which have sent the power bills of July to skyrocketing figures.

Protests also erupted in different parts of the country over the issue.

PM Shehbaz said he took notice of the issue and reviewed it.

He announced waiving fuel adjustment charges in power bills – which according to the premier – will benefit 17 million consumers while they were also deliberating relief for the remaining 13 million consumers.

The exemption will also apply to tube-well users, he added.

At the outset of his talk, PM Shehbaz said the small traders faced difficulties due to fixed tax. Therefore, the government waived it.

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