PM Khan’s new year resolution is to make Pakistan a “Welfare State”

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his determination to work more on public welfare while sharing his resolution for the New Year 2021.

Khan said that his resolution for 2021 is to complete two public welfare projects: universal health coverage for all citizens and zero hunger initiative. In his New Year’s message on Twitter, Khan said he would be focusing on issues that affect the common people and vowed “to make Pakistan a welfare state” by the end of the year.

“My new year resolution for 2021 is to complete two projects,” he said. These include providing “universal health coverage to all citizens”, which, the premier noted, has already been rolled out in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is to be launched in Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan soon.

The prime minister expressed the hope that other provinces will replicate this programme.

Announcing his second resolution for the year, the premier said: “We will start our most ambitious nationwide project ‘Koi Bhuka Na Soyay’ (No one should sleep hungry) under Ehsaas programme” – a social protection system for vulnerable families in Pakistan. PM Khan aims to execute these two projects by the end of the year, “these two projects would move Pakistan closer to its goal of making it a welfare state.”

Responding to the premier’s tweet, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said the Sehat Sahulat Programme has already been launched in seven districts across the province and is covering 500,000 families.

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