PM Khan praises Law Minister Raja Basharat’s performance in Punjab

LAHORE: During his recent visit to Lahore, Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the Punjab Law Ministry’s performance under Raja Basharat who also holds the additional portfolio of the Co-Operative department.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s office said, “Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the performance of the Ministry of Law and stressed that special attention should be paid to public welfare legislation”.

PTI leader Behroze Kamal Raja with Law Minister Punjab Raja Basharat

Law Minister Punjab, Raja Basharat briefed the Prime Minister over the effective functioning of the Law and Co-Operative Department and requested the Prime Minister to prepare a special package to enhance the agricultural production capacity of farmers.

In an exclusive conversation with The Pakistan Daily, the veteran politician from Dhamial, Raja Basharat said, “The Punjab Assembly has passed record legislation and we have upgraded a number of decades-old redundant policies, for example, prison laws (Punjab Prisoners Act 1894 and the Punjab Prisoners Act 1900) to lift them up-to the standards that are followed regionally and internationally”.

Law Minister Punjab, Raja Basharat in the Punjab Assembly

Conversing with this correspondent, Raja Basharat, who is considered to be the most efficient minister in Sardar Usman Buzdar’s cabinet said, “Under the leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, the Law Department will continue to work hard in order to bring more public welfare legislation”.

The Prime Minister’s briefing was attended by Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, Law Minister Raja Basharat, Advisor for Home Affairs Shehzad Akbar, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Chief Secretary Punjab and other senior officials.

Former Advisor to CM Punjab and Senior PTI Rawalpindi Leader, Mohammad Nasir Raja

Speaking to The Pakistan Daily, former advisor to CM Punjab and senior PTI leader, Muhammad Nasir Raja said, “Dhamial house has a legacy of resolving the issues of its people. The doors of Dhamial House are always open for the people of Rawalpindi. We have always done record development work in our constituencies”.

Mohammad Nasir Raja, brother of Raja Basharat.

Mohammad Nasir Raja, who is known for going out of the way to serve his constituents added, “We will continue to strive hard for the betterment of our people under the leadership of PM Imran Khan and my elder brother Raja Basharat”.

Budding PTI Rawalpindi Leader, Behroze Kamal Raja with his constituents

Commenting on the occasion, Dhamial House scion and Raja Basharat’s son, Behroze Kamal Raja who studied development economics at the prestigious London School of Economics said, “The distinction between an orderly society and an unorderly one is reflected in the laws which govern that society.

“Raja Basharat has tried to serve the weakest elements of society whether they are prisoners, orphans or labourers. Our elders have always taught us to work for the benefit of the most vulnerable elements of society,” the budding PTI leader from Rawalpindi, Behroze Kamal Raja told The Pakistan Daily.

Dhamial House scion and PTI Rawalpindi leader, Ahmed Nasir Raja solving the problems of his constituent

In an exclusive conversation with this correspondent, Raja Basharat’s nephew and Raja Nasir’s son, Ahmed Nasir Raja explained how his uncle, Raja Basharat worked tirelessly for the benefit of the people of Punjab.

Dhamial House Public Secretariat featuring Raja Hamid Nawaz, Raja Basharat and Raja Nasir

“I have seen my father Raja Nasir and my uncles Raja Basharat and Raja Hamid Nawaz work tirelessly for the benefit of the people of Pakistan all their lives. Hundreds of people come to our home every day to get their matters resolved since almost a century.

PTI Rawalpindi Leader Ahmed Nasir Raja pictured with his constituents in Dhamial House, Rawalpindi.

“The doors of Dhamial House will always be open to everyone regardless of whatever political party or ideology they belong to. We will serve them with the best of our abilities, InshAllah,” the young politician from Rawalpindi, Ahmed Nasir Raja said.

Ahmed Nasir Raja, who completed his education from Cardiff University in the UK stated that for him, politics was simply public service and nothing else.

Raja Hamid Nawaz, Raja Nasir and Ahmed Nasir Raja seen during political discussions

“Our family’s political journey goes back to the creation of Pakistan. My grandfather, Raja Lal Khan remained a member of the Legislative Assembly in the 1950s. Our relationship with the soil of Punjab is very pure and not dependent on titles or ministries,” Ahmed Raja, who is considered to be the future of Rawalpindi politics, confided to this correspondent.

Behroze Kamal Raja added that Prime Minister Imran Khan had successfully brought about a revolution in Pakistan and he was proud to be associated with a party that fulfilled the promise of change.

Dhamial House scions Behroze Kamal Raja (left) and Ahmed Nasir Raja (right)

Concluding the conversation, the duo of Raja Behroze and Raja Ahmed stated that they were inspired by Hazrat Ali’s (RA) famous saying that a society could function in a system of disbelief but not injustice.

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