PM Khan is ‘Tabedar’: Mohtarma Maryam Nawaz Sharif

By Abdullah Zahid.

PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz says one feels pity for this prime minister who has to tell the people that the military is subordinate to him.

“The man is obedient,” Maryam repeated her recently-coined slogan which she first used at the PDM rally in Multan on November 30 and asked the people, “You can understand the rest.”

She was commenting on Imran’s latest statement that the military was subordinate, not above, to him.

The new slogan “Banda Tabedar Hai” (the man is obedient) was an instant success and resulted in a hashtag and top trend on Twitter as soon as she addressed the crowd in Multan.

Earlier, Maryam praised PML-N leader Mudassar Qayyum Nahra for his steadfastness and promise to stand by Nawaz Sharif no matter how many cases are registered against him.

Earlier, Maryam had taken to Twitter to buck up Mudassir Qayyum Nahra, praising him for standing by her father, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Nahra – a former National Assembly member from Gujranwala – was earlier arrested by Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment, alleging that he had occupied state land worth billions in the area.

In the video, Nahra can be heard talking to the press, saying that the charges against him were trumped up.

“These fake cases and arrests, we have braved them all before,” he said. “We stood with Nawaz Sharif before and God willing, will continue to stand with him now more than ever,” he added.

Nahra said that the registration of a “fake” case by the government against him was proof that it was shaken by the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) anti-government movement.

Threats to food factories

Separately, Maryam Nawaz said food factories were being forced to buy substandard and costly sugar through threats using government department.

In a tweet, she, citing complaints being received from everywhere, said that the owners were being harassed and warned that their factories would be closed if they did not buy sugar at a price Rs8 higher than the market rate.

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