PM Khan assured Pakistan’s support to Afghanistan in maiden visit

By Shahzad Murad

KABUL: On an important and historic visit to Afghanistan, PM Imran Khan guaranteed that Pakistan will play its part in bringing back peace to Afghanistan.

In a joint press conference alongside Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani; PM Imran Khan mentioned Pakistan’s role in bringing the Taliban and Americans on a mutual platform to resolve their issues peacefully.

He also stated that despite recent development and talks for the peace process, we have witnessed a rise in the violent incidents inside Afghanistan.

For the accomplishment of completely eliminating violence from Afghanistan, PM Imran stated, “The people and government of Pakistan have only one concern, and that is to establish peace in Afghanistan because the people of the country have suffered for four decades.”

Afghanistan’s cricket team presents a signed cricket bat to Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

During the press conference, PM Imran also thanked the government of Afghanistan, especially President Ghani for inviting him, as PM Imran mentioned he has been looking forward to visiting Afghanistan for the last 50 years at least.

Whereas, President Ghani also expressed gratitude for being invited to Pakistan, as he said it would be an honor for him to visit the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

President Ghani further stated, “A comprehensive political settlement for enduring peace within the framework of our values and constitution in the Islamic Republic [of Afghanistan] is the way to the future.”

He emphasized that all people of Afghanistan want is peace and stability and nothing else.

On this one long day visit to Kabul, PM Imran held a meeting with President Ghani where bilateral relations between the two countries were brought under discussion.

A team of the delegation including the foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi was also accompanying PM Imran during the visit.

As announced by Pakistan’s spokesperson, during the visit Afghanistan and Pakistan issued a document to promote peace and stability between the two countries.

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