PM Khan appoints democracy hating conspiracy theorist as NRA Chairman

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has appointed conspiracy theorist Dr Ejaz Akram as the head of the newly created National Rehmatulil Aalmeen Authority.

Dr Ejaz Akram has shared a deep aversion to democracy in his writings and has suggested that the COVID-19 lockdowns as well as the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were a conspiracy by an unknown elite in the West.

The controversial appointment has been mocked online as Ejaz Akram’s work became public.

In a piece for Global Village Space, Dr Ijaz Akram wrote: “Many researchers have argued that 9/11 was the fifteenth false flag operation in the history of the United States similar to the Gulf of Tonkin invasion in Vietnam and the sinking of the Lusitania during WWI.”

Dr Akram has also stated: “The only hope this country has now is if the whole principle and structure of governance is completely dismantled, but preferably peacefully without the loss of life and property. If and when such a measure is taken, then what would replace it? Do we have a new principle that can give birth to a new structure?”

Twitterati expressed surprise that Dr Akram is talking about dismantling the system which has nominated him to such a high post regardless of his unsubstantiated beliefs.

Allegations of sexual harassament also surfaced against Dr Ejaz Akram whilst he was teaching at LUMS.

Mariam Durrani, a former teacher at LUMS termed Ejaz Akram as a “known predator”.

Nida Kirmani also stated that she was a witness to Dr Akram flirting with a younger student. She wrote: “I remember going to a workshop with him once and him hitting on one of the young grad students there. It was gross. Then when I came to LUMS, it was like an open secret, but no one was ever willing to come forward officially. Perhaps if he were there now things might be different.”

Dr Ejaz Akram posing with several guns.

In his new role, Dr Ejaz Akram will lead the efforts to counter the narratives against Islam.

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