PM Imran Khan unfollows everyone on Twitter

ISLAMABAD: In a startling move which has surprised fans and foes alike, Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed Hamid Mir, ex wife Jemima Goldsmith, Jahangir Tareen and everyone else on his Twitter account.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is not following anyone on Twitter anymore, while over 12 million users follow Imran Khan who is also one of the most followed leaders on social media.

Imran Khan was previously following Zac Goldsmith, Ben Goldsmith, Shafqat Mahmood, Imran Ismail and PTI’s official account.

He follows the examples of another Twitter heavyweight, Talat Hussain who has never followed anyone on Twitter and boasts over two million followers. PM Imran Khan, first of all, started following prominent anchor Hamid Mir and kept following him for years on Twitter till around eight months ago when he unfollowed Hamid Mir. It was said that Imran Khan unfollowed Hamir Mir over his criticism of the government.

Critics argue that this is a further sign that Prime Minister is not ready to consider voices which disagree with him which is why he has unfollowed everyone but supporters have alleged that even Mian Nawaz Sharif does not follow anyone on Twitter and this is normal for leaders.

The Pakistan Daily reached out to Mohtarma Reham Khan for a statement regarding this latest development but she said: “I’d much rather speak about human rights abuses rather than someone’s Twitter activity”.

Mohtarma Reham Khan further mentioned that she had blocked Imran Khan soon after the divorce and so wasn’t aware of his Twitter activity.

Senior journalist Murtaza Solangi said: “Everybody knew the narcissism of @ImranKhanPTI but today he has just proved the same by unfollowing all. The message is loud snd clear. I know it all. You follow me. I follow no one.”

Fauzia Yazdani responded that even journalist Talat Hussain followed no one.

Others speculated that perhaps Imran Khan was getting too many follow back requests.

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