PM Imran Khan promises #JusticeForNoor

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he has been following Noor Mukadam’s case since day one and has been briefed about each and every development of the case.

“This is a very frightening case, and what has come forth is that this tragedy happened in front of the staff, the guards, the servants over two days,” the premier said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it would be ensured that regardless of how influential the Jaffer family is and despite the fact that Zahir Jaffer was a dual American Pakistani citizen, justice would be seen to be done in this case.

“I want to tell you that no one will be spared in Noor Mukadam’s case,” Prime Minister Imran Khan unequivocally said.

“We think of Noor like our own daughter, everybody has been sorrowful after this incident,” Imran Khan said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had backtracked on his statement in which he seemed to blame women’s clothes for sexual violence. He had also remarked, “men are not robots”, but in an interview after Noor Mukadam’s case, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that only rapists were responsible for rape, not the victims.

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